Teaching resources

Online materials

Online learning and interactive media is invaluable when teaching Mandarin Chinese, encouraging engagement and participation from students. The Dragons in Europe e-learning portals have been developed to help teachers with lesson planning, as well as providing multimedia variety for the classroom.

Dragons in Europe has developed two separate platforms for different stages of learning: Primary School Chinese and Secondary School Chinese.


How it works

Teachers will be provided with an online account linked to the relevant student accounts.

Teacher accounts include access to our Teacher Zone, on Primary School Chinese this is called the T-Zone. From here teachers can access vocabulary lists, curriculum outlines and schemes of work. These resources help take the time and stress out of planning and preparing lessons. You will also find whiteboard slides of the Primary School Chinese books, which are optimised for use on an interactive whiteboard.

The Teacher Zone also includes a review homework section where teachers can view and comment on their students’ auto-marked homework. You can also check their students’ engagement with the Kung Fu Kingdom® games area, and award extra points for good behaviour in class.

The Primary School Chinese portal can be accessed here.

The Secondary School Chinese portal can be accessed here.