Training and Certification


Mandarin Chinese Teaching Certification

Dragons in Europe has two teacher training programmes that are designed to help teachers of Mandarin Chinese use the best resources and techniques in teaching within schools.

MCTC® Specialist is designed for Dragons in Europe teachers who would like to develop their skills as subject specialists.
MCTC® Inspire is designed for non-Dragons in Europe primary school teachers without prior knowledge of Mandarin.

MCTC® Specialist

If you are working as a teacher for Dragons in Europe, the MCTC® Specialist programme will help you to improve as a Chinese teacher, with a focus on teaching Chinese in the western classroom, with western education techniques. The programme has been closely aligned to the UK’s teaching standards and is certified after 100 hours of teaching on curriculum with observations and evaluations throughout.

MCTC® Specialist details

Suitable for Dragons in Europe teachers
Trained and experienced instructors
Certified after 100 hours curriculum class teaching
Aligned to UK national teaching standards
Free for all Dragons in Europe teachers
Level 1 and Level 2 certification available
Regular feedback and support throughout

MCTC® Inspire

If you are a primary school teacher with limited knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, but good experience of general teaching practice, MCTC® Inspire is the training programme for you. This initiative has been designed to train teachers to deliver Chinese in their own school using Dragons in Europe resources.

Dragons in Europe instructors conduct two training sessions at your school. The first session introduces the language, resources and support network offered by the MCTC® Inspire programme. After this session MCTC® Inspire trainees are well prepared to begin delivering a foundation level Chinese course. Regular support is provided through your first year teaching. The second session is a classroom observation, usually conducted after 10 hours of teaching.  During this session you will be given feedback on your lesson and the progress, you will also have the opportunity to ask questions about the course and resources.

After 20 hours of teaching, and if you have met the course requirements, you will be awarded the MCTC® Inspire certification from Dragons in Europe.

MCTC® Inspire details

Suitable for teachers with no prior subject knowledge or experience teaching Chinese
Aimed at primary school teachers with a background in languages
6 hours of face-to-face training (in 2 separate sessions)
On-going support from your instructor throughout the programme
Held at your school
£1000 per school (max. 2 teachers)
Includes access to all our teaching resources