If you want to start teaching Mandarin Chinese in your school, you are in the right place! We can provide fantastic teachers and teaching resources for curriculum teaching, private tuition, enrichment, off-curriculum courses, and workshops. We also now run educational trips to China, recognising the need for students to see the real-world application of the language and culture studies presented in our courses.

Our Services

  • Teaching on Curriculum

    Mandarin Chinese is becoming an important part of offering a progressive curriculum to students of all ages. We provide teachers, resources and continuing support throughout the year to a growing number of schools.

    I have enjoyed working with Dragons and have appreciated your thoroughly professional approach. The teachers you have sent and the service you have provided have been top notch!
    MFL Head, Queen’s College London

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  • School Trips to China

    Practise your Chinese language skills whilst meeting local students, engaging in real-life language exercises and exploring the fascinating sights and culture of China.

    Dragons in Europe, who provide teachers to our school, organised and accompanied us on our inaugural school trip to Beijing. This provided a well-planned, inspiring and unforgettable experience for the pupils. Xiexie!
    Deputy Head, The Charter School

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  • GCSE Chinese Study Groups

    An off-timetable programme aimed at aspiring young linguists who want to gain a GCSE in Mandarin Chinese. The programme runs for 3 years and is usually started in year 8 or 9. A trip to Beijing is included as an integral part of the tuition, which takes place in small groups local to you.

    This exciting new initiative has been designed with our pupils in mind and offers a much-needed opportunity for them to gain a GCSE in this important language.
    Silas Edmonds, Head of Surbiton High School Seniors

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  • Chinese Dragons Club

    Starting just in time for Chinese New Year, the Chinese Dragons Club provides children with an essential exposure to Chinese culture through engaging activities and the use of Mandarin Chinese language. No previous language experience necessary.

    All the kids came out of school really enthused – in fact never seen them so enthusiastic after school! And full of interesting facts!
    Maple Walk School

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  • Private Tuition

    If you are looking for a tutor to teach your child Mandarin Chinese at your convenience, we can provide a suitable, experienced and well-trained teacher. Lessons are designed around the needs of the student and offer a great deal of flexibility.

    Quick feedback, David was great with Cedric – good choice. He is beginning to gain confidence. With time I believe he will progress.
    Harrow Mum

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  • Chinese activity week

    Excited for the Year of the Dog in 2018? We are! Join us for a week long activity camp celebrating everything China.

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