Kung Fu Kingdom® Cartoon

As a fantastic extension to our learning games area, Kung Fu Kingdom®, Dragons in Europe have recently launched a fully-animated educational cartoon for learning Mandarin Chinese.

Welcome to ‘The Lost Scroll’!  This exciting cartoon takes primary school students on a wonderful journey of discovery whilst reviewing both the verbal elements and Chinese characters of the Primary School Chinese teaching series. Perfect as a basis for a homework activity or a class-time filler, we have also linked this video content to questions on the Kung Fu Kingdom games are, so that users can earn Kung Fu Kingdom points by watching the cartoon carefully.
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Educational Content in ‘The Lost Scroll’

The first series of Kung Fu Kingdom, ‘The Lost Scroll’, will last for 10 episodes. Each episode is aligned to a chapter in the book from the Primary School Chinese series. Similarly, the vocabulary presented and used in each episode is taken from the corresponding chapter in the textbook. Key words will be shown in both pinyin and Chinese characters onscreen. This gives the viewer a great opportunity to see the language being used in a ‘real-world’ context (albeit a world with talking dragons and levitating teachers!)

Characters in ‘The Lost Scroll’

The characters appearing in the cartoon are also present in the Primary School Chinese textbook series. Children studying with the books will recognise these characters and be familiar with their fun approach to learning Chinese.

Candy is an active and positive girl, who loves playing sport.

Mike is studious and keen to learn how to write as many characters as possible.

Laoshi is a patient and wise teacher whose explanations help Mike and Candy along as they explore China.

Dalong and Xiaolong are two friendly and excitable dragons who enjoy everything about the culture they come from. Dalong enjoys kicking the ‘jianzi’ and Xiaolong is good at solving puzzles. But, they have lost something really important, and it’s Mike and Candy’s job to help them find it.

Silkworm crops up in every episode. Can you spot him, too?

Can you spot…?

To bring an added dimension of discovery and learning to the cartoon, we have hidden some Chinese characters in the background of the scenes.
Students can log in to their Kung Fu Kingdom® account to answer questions related to these hidden items and, in doing so, collect more points. See how many characters you can spot…

Culture in ‘The Lost Scroll’

As Mike and Candy explore China, and as their quest for the Lost Scroll continues, they visit many different places specific to China. This includes Laoshi’s courtyard home, a teahouse, a traditional Chinese park, and more. As they get to know Dalong and Xiaolong better, they begin to understand more about Chinese life, too.