Whilst classroom teaching and traditional homework are key components of a successful course in any subject, online learning and interactive media is becoming increasingly valuable when teaching languages and encouraging a higher frequency of engagement from the students.

Dragons in Europe recognise the importance of inspiring students to engage with their language learning outside the confines of the classroom and traditional homework exercises. Knowing this, the company now boasts some of the most regularly visited e-learning portals for children learning languages.

Both websites aim to make studying Chinese more interactive and fun for the students. There are five main areas to these e-learning portals:

  1. Interactive Books
  2. Audio Clips
  3. Online Homework
  4. Kung Fu Kingdom® cartoon and learning games
  5. ‘Dragons’ Tales’ & ‘What’s up in China?’

Visit the websites using the following links:

Primary School: www.primaryschoolchinese.com

Secondary School:  www.cambridgechinese.org

To purchase an online account for the e-learning portals, click here.

Interactive books

Online users can access our Primary School Chinese and Cambridge Chinese for Beginners books in interactive formats. This means that the key vocabulary is supported with sound files, which aid aural memory and pronunciation. Students can also use the computer to complete exercises similar to those found in the printed books.

Online Homework

For each chapter of the Primary School Chinese book, there are two online homework sheets. One sheet focuses on the phonetic elements of the language (using pinyin) and the other on recognising and using Chinese characters. Each homework exercise is aligned to the book content. The online homework is marked automatically, enabling students to see and correct their mistakes immediately. When the users are linked to their teacher, the teacher can review the homework results and add comments for the student to view.

Kung Fu Kingdom®

Kung Fu Kingdom® is an extensive games area designed to make learning vocabulary fun and rewarding for the students. Users play a variety of sports by selecting the correct Chinese characters, translations, strokes, or comprehension answers. The interface is colourful and dynamic, with music and sound effects to bring the activities to life.
The more Kung Fu Kingdom® games the users complete, the more points they can accrue. This introduces a healthy competitive element to the classes and incentivises the students to work hard on their vocabulary consolidation.
Ultimately, all users are working towards becoming the King or Queen Fu – the top-level achievement possible after working through a number of coloured ‘Fu’ belts.

Kung Fu Kingdom® Key Information:

  • Students earn points and compete with their classmates
  • Practise 3 disciplines: character recognition; listening; stroke order
  • Content all aligned to Primary School Chinese content
  • Students can earn points by completing Online Homework
  • Win new ‘Fu’ belts every 500 points
  • Aim to become a King or Queen Fu

‘Dragons’ Tales’ and ‘What’s up in China?’

This is a bank of videos we have found which either introduce a culture topic or help enrich students’ learning experience. All videos listed here are vetted by Dragons in Europe staff and are suitable for the classroom.