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About our secondary level book series

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All of our secondary Mandarin Chinese textbooks and workbooks have been written by teachers for teachers. They are all written in an attractive, western-friendly style, with continuous focus on clarity, attractive content and being highly interactive with the student.

The authors have used pinyin (the phonetic equivalent of Chinese characters) to demystify Mandarin Chinese as that ‘impossible language to learn’, the result of which being that both teachers and student thoroughly enjoying using our teaching materials.
Our secondary school and self-study textbook series is called Secondary School Chinese for Beginners. See below for details.

Secondary School Chinese for Beginners

The Secondary School Chinese for Beginners Textbook represents an accessible, clear and comprehensive introduction to Mandarin Chinese. This book is an excellent place to start for secondary schools students and independent learners who want to learn the fundamental basics of Chinese language and culture.

There are 12 units, each of which is divided up into reading, writing, listening and cultural activities to engage the new learner. As with the Primary School Chinese series, the textbook purchase also ensures FREE access to our e-learning portal at .

The textbook forms a good foundation before moving on to study GCSE Mandarin Chinese. Find out more below, or click here to visit our online shop, where you can preview and buy a copy.



The textbook is made up of 12 digestible units, written with the new student in mind. It also includes access to an online site which provides users with a wide range of interactive resources e.g. eBooks, sound and language guidance, auto-marking homework and review, plus a collection of online games. For more information about our e-learning products, please click here.

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The Secondary School Chinese for Beginners Workbook was written in accompaniment to the Textbook. The Workbook has been written for students studying the language as a beginner. The content of the workbooks is fully aligned to the units of the textbook, which will enable the student to revise and practise the fundamental basics of Mandarin Chinese.

The workbook tests the students’ understanding in terms of pinyin, tones and Chinese characters. There are also useful points and grammar clues to remind the students and help them as they make their way through the book. An Answer Book are also available for purchase.

Unit Breakdown for Secondary School Chinese for Beginners


  1. Unit 1 – Hello!
    • Greeting words and apologising in Chinese
    • Tones and an introduction to characters
    • Numbers 1 – 5
    • Chinese Cities
  2. Unit 2 – About me
    • Numbers 6 – 9
    • Name and age
    • Tourist attractions in China
  3. Unit 3 – My family
    • Family members
    • To have and to have not
    • Pets
    • Food and drink in China
  4. Unit 4
    • Everyday objects
    • This and that
    • Who?
    • Possessive
    • Calligraphy in China
  5. Unit 5 – Shopping in China
    • Shopping vocabulary
    • To buy
    • Measure words
    • Going shopping in China
  6. Unit 6 – Where?
    • Counting for two
    • How many?
    • Prepositions
    • Countries and nationalities
    • They and them
    • Chinese New Year
  7. Unit 7 – Meeting people
    • Introducing yourself
    • Jobs
    • Locations
    • Family life in China
  8. Unit 8 – Going out
    • Coming and going
    • To like or not to like
    • Opinions
    • Sports in China
  9. Unit 9 – School
    • School subjects
    • Many and few
    • Why and because
    • Mid-Autumn Festival
  10. Unit 10 – My Week
    • Days of the week
    • Hobbies
    • Telling the time
    • Chinese film stars and Dragon Boat Festival
  11. Unit 11 – Eating out
    • Food and drink vocabulary
    • Eating and drinking
    • Describing flavours
    • To want
    • Eating out in China
  12. Unit 12 – Holidays
    • Would like to
    • Character focus
    • Review of curriculum
    • all and a little
    • Olympics 2008 and Expo 2010