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About our primary & preparatory level book series

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All of our primary level Mandarin Chinese textbooks and workbooks have been written by teachers for teachers. They are all written in an attractive, western-friendly style, with continuous focus on clarity, attractive content and being highly interactive with the student.

The authors have used pinyin (the phonetic equivalent of Chinese characters) to demystify Mandarin Chinese as that ‘impossible language to learn’, the result of which being that both teachers and student thoroughly enjoying using our teaching materials.
Our primary school textbook series is called Primary School Chinese. See below for details.

Primary School Chinese

The Primary School Chinese series is structured around 3 levels of study. Each level can be covered over one academic year, with one lesson a week. The series is designed for ages 7 – 11.

Each level of the series includes 2 books: a textbook and a character book. In addition, every level has a dedicated area on the ever-popular e-learning portal, Primary School Chinese online. All levels follow the same basic structure, which makes the books easy for students to follow and teachers to prepare for.

The books are endorsed by the Independent School’s Examinations Board (ISEB) and the content is aligned to the Level 1 and Level 2 Mandarin Chinese Common Entrance examinations.


All textbooks are organised into 10 chapters, plus an introduction section.

Each chapter is structured as follows:

  1. New words and learning objectives
  2. Vocabulary activities (using pinyin)
  3. Teaching new phrases
  4. Practise new phrases and new vocabulary together (using pinyin)
  5. Introduce new characters (with Chinese characters)
  6. ‘Great Wall’ vocabulary bank with stickers
  7. Certificate

Mike and Candy, (also the stars of our ‘Kung Fu Kingdom’ cartoon) feature throughout the book and become recognisable learning companions to help bring the curriculum to life.

The books begin teaching using pinyin. Pinyin is a system of transcribing Chinese phonetically using the English alphabet. It is a great way for students to access the speaking and listening side of the language, especially as children at this age are familiar with using phonics in reading. The books also introduce useful and relevant characters slowly alongside the pinyin. There is space for tracing and writing the new characters on large character grids.

The activities in the books take the form of colourful and fun puzzles and quizzes. This enables students to consolidate their learning in a fun way.

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Character Books

The Character Books follow the same basic structure as the textbooks. They are designed to work in conjunction with the textbooks and help learners practise their character writing more. The books can be used during class-time, or as a resource for homework activities.

Activities in the book range from basic character tracing to cloze activities, spot the missing stroke, character – vocabulary matching and more…

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Chapter Breakdown for Primary School Chinese

Book 1:

  • Introduction (Let’s meet our friends! The 4 Chinese sounds)
  1. Hello!
  2. Names & Numbers
  3. Age & Numbers
  4. My Family
  5. My Home
  6. My School Bag
  7. Food & Drink
  8. Parts of the Body
  9. What’s the Time?
  10. My Clothes

Book 2:

  • Introduction (Let’s meet our friends again! Review the 4 Chinese sounds)
  1. Shopping
  2. Inside my House
  3. What’s cooking?
  4. My School
  5. I like
  6. My Hobbies
  7. Sports
  8. My Week
  9. My Day
  10. My Holidays

Book 3:

  • Introduction (Let’s meet our friends again! Review the 4 Chinese sounds)
  1. Big or small?
  2. Weather
  3. How much?
  4. My birthday
  5. Counting things
  6. Directions
  7. My Friends
  8. I can…
  9. Getting around
  10. Waiter!