AQA Chinese GCSE Textbook 1 Launched! (Meet the Authors)

Yesterday, Dragons in Europe hosted a ‘Meet the Authors’ event at Pimlico Academy in London in order to show and discuss their latest publication, AQA Chinese GCSE – Textbook 1.

This textbook is written specifically for secondary students of Mandarin who are preparing for the new specification GCSE.

It has been approved by AQA after rigorous editing and aligning to their new specification for the Mandarin Chinese GCSE (first teaching September 2017).

Both authors, William Minter and Leah Russell presented the pedagogical approach taken to the writing of the book, and along with other member of the Dragons in Europe team, were able to answer questions from Chinese teachers and researchers into Chinese education techniques and how the textbook meets the needs of teachers and students.

To watch the recording of the Facebook Live stream, please click here.

To find out more about the AQA GCSE Chinese – Textbook 1, visit the product page here, or our online shop.

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