Our story

Who are Dragons in Europe?

We are the UK’s specialist in Mandarin Chinese teaching. Our goal is to provide everything learners need to become confident in Chinese. We are utterly dedicated to teaching Chinese, and do nothing else. We are obsessed with crafting the perfect experience for our learners, and think about every detail both inside and outside the classroom.

This is our One Dragon philosophy—making learning Chinese effective and fun. We create an integrated experience, where everything we do works together to make Chinese fun and accessible. With an expert teaching team, leading textbooks, colourful clubs, workshops, and educational trips, we bring Chinese culture to life, and give opportunities for students to develop their passion for Chinese.

10 years of Dragons in Europe

in 2017, Dragons in Europe are celebrating their 10th year of passion for Mandarin Chinese.

Over the past decade, our love of this amazing language has created strong and long-lasting relationships with hundreds of families, and more that eight hundred schools. We are hugely grateful for the continuing loyalty of our schools and clients.

We have always cared deeply about fun and interaction going hand in hand with the learning of Chinese. Dragons in Europe employees derive real enjoyment from their teaching, and we all hope that our enthusiasm has inspired everyone that we’ve met over the past 10 years.

As an educational company, our teachers have always been at the heart of what we strive for and achieve. Dragons in Europe would be nothing without all of our incredible staff members.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

Marcus Reoch
Managing Director