Dragons in Europe Limited is a specialist in the publication and provision of Mandarin Chinese teaching materials and trained teachers to UK and European schools. We currently employ over 40 teachers, we have taught in more than 800 schools and the company provides a wide range of textbooks and online materials which are currently being used in many primary and secondary schools.

Dragons in Europe is pleased to be working in collaboration with Cambridge University Press and Macmillan Education Australia. In addition, select titles have been endorsed by both the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) and Oxford and Cambridge & RSA Examinations (OCR) in line with primary and secondary school curriculums.


  • What you DIDN'T know about China!
    The modern word “China” most likely derives from the name of the Qin (pronounced “chin”) dynasty. First Emperor Qin Shi Huang (260-210 B.C.) of the Qin dynasty first unified China in 221 B.C., beginning an Imperial period which would last until A.D. 1912.k China is often considered the longest continuous civilization, with some historians marking 6000 B.C. as ....Read more

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